ASI 2023 Offering Requests

$4,000 – Seeds for Life Community Garden and Greenhouse

After covid God multiplied this Page, Arizona, SDA Church project more than we ever expected and now we have run out of room in our little greenhouse and cold frames. This money would be used to help build heated cold frames for plants.

$10,000 – Foundation Orion – Bolivia lifestyle center upgrade

In June 2017, a group from the Thousand Oaks SDA church came helped us break ground for a new lifestyle center to replace our current center which is housed in an old house and converted chicken coop. After many delays the new center is now 80% finished. Completion of this lifestyle center will enable us to more effectively reach the whole country of Bolivia as well as other South American countries.

$10,000 – Beautiful Minds online curriculum

Beautiful Minds Wellness is requesting funding support for the development of our intensive online program. The goal of the intensive online program is to replicate our successful intensive outpatient program as closely as possible. The program will also include live personal and group coaching via video conference. It will run between 7-8 weeks with professional support from therapists and psychiatrists throughout the program.

$10,000 – Build and Restore – Mexicali church restoration project

We plan to renovate an existing church structure in Mexicali on a mission trip to Mexico next Thanksgiving. We will fix and repair windows, doors, flooring, and the roof. Funds will be used to purchase building materials and supplies needed to complete this work. Our group of volunteers will bring tools and equipment to execute this work. By young and old working together, we are helping to mentor a new generation of youth to discover the joy of service.

$7,000 – Hands 2 Hearts Inc – Tanzania Tablet Education Expansion Program

These funds will supply impoverished children with an electronic tablet equipped with the Tanzanian learning platform app called “Elimunity.” It is specifically tailored towards enhancing children’s education and will have options in both Swahili and English. The goal is to implement this program in Arusha at crowded government schools as well as in Tanzania’s largest refugee camp where there are over 40,000 school-age refugee children.

Overflow Projects

Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Service

AngelOne, Outpost Centers International (OCI) and Philippines Adventist Mission Aviation Services (PAMAS) are pleased to partner in a common vision to raise funding to purchase, equip and deploy two helicopters for medical aviation service in the Philippines.

Helicopters are a lifesaving solution and provide emergency medical transportation to patients, helping them to save precious time. Isolated villages are often only accessible by foot over steep and rugged trails, this precarious travel for the sick or injured can take hours or even days. A helicopter, crewed with a flight nurse and pilot, shorten that journey to mere minutes. Once in service in the Philippines, these helicopters will transport medical supplies and physicians, dentists, and others to reach and improve the quality of life for the people of the highlands. They will also be used to deliver building materials for schools, churches and be positioned for rapid disaster response.

Please partner with us and help us to reach our financial goal of $1.5 million USD to acquire and employ two helicopters similar to a Robson R44 and a Robson R66.

Ukraine Health and Evangelism – HOPE Media Group

Religious liberty is a hallmark of Ukraine, and as such is uniquely positioned to be a center of media evangelistic efforts to reach their own people as well as those in surrounding regions including Russia, Eastern and Western Europe.

Proposed projects include significantly increasing social media and internet exposure by Christian Digital Marketing; a much-needed T-2 Maxi cable system for Hope Media Group; digital marketing of the Great Controversy; Gospel Good News 30- and 60-second spots that lead to Bible school enrollment; an evangelistic crusade by Hope Media Group; a media evangelistic series; multiple evangelistic crusades throughout Ukraine which would also be broadcast on the Voice of Hope radio stations. Goal: $50,000