ASI Pacific Union 2021 Offering Projects

$7,000 Build and Restore

We are organizing a team of 12 volunteers to travel to Mexico to help build a new Adventist church. We will be bringing building materials, tools, and supplies to this villages and help in the building work. Our goal is to raise the walls of this new Adventist church and be ready to install the roof. This church building will be a great blessing to this community of believers who desire to have a church in which to worship. We have completed more then 68 short term mission projects all around the world, and have not been in debt nor has any project failed or defaulted. We are inclined to plan ahead and to secure resources ahead of time and to make sure that all planning is completed before we arrive on the project site. We have professional builders that volunteer with us to make sure that the work is completed well. Volunteer experience on site training and mentorship as we build together for God’s glory!

$5,000 Living Waters

In 2016 Living Waters International signed a 50 year lease on 7 acres for a farm to support the Living Waters feeding center (operational in 2008). In 2020 the entire country experienced much higher than normal flooding which caused Lake Victoria to rise 250 feet into our farm. This caused extensive damage to the high tensile hippo proof fencing which needs a interim repair that will cost $7,500. This is essential to keep out the hippos (which are life threatening to the workers) and the human poachers.

$4,000 LLT Productions, Inc.

The “Youtube Project” is a series of 5-minute video programs designed to teach the truth about the state of the dead. Each one addresses just one aspect: hell, the soul, eternity, the spirit, resurrection, immortality, etc. Host Dwight Nelson has narrated 13 programs so far. The offering will assist in the translation of these programs into Spanish.

$10,000 Revelation of Love Ministries

As of January 2021, the Lord blessed us with an amazing property for our ministry headquarters. We had to raise a substantial amount of money to obtain the property debt free and the Lord provided graciously. For this current venture of developing our studio we sent out a newsletter in the spring of this year and with one newsletter, the Lord blessed with around 10,000 of the 30,000 goal. We have never been in debt and we plan to never be in debt. We are wanting to have a studio that is equipped to have in person and online classes. We are needing to get cameras, lights, tripods, mic’s etc. to have an adequate studio. We are working towards having a school of evangelism and this equipment will help towards that goal.

$10,000 Beautiful Minds Wellness

This project is to provide low-cost community mental health and wellness small group workshops on a variety of practical topics to support those facing mental health challenges and provide education and tools for those that want to help others. Funds will be used to provide a small honorarium to guest instructors, to cover a portion of the wellness manager’s salary to coordinate the workshops, for procuring space, printing advertising flyers and for miscellaneous office supplies.


$10,000 Love’s Last Call

ASI Pacific Union Chapter is partnering with other ASi Union Chapters to print and distribute 10 million “Love’s Last Call” GLOW tracts.

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