ASI Pacific Union 2019 Offering Projects

We fulfilled our pledges totaling $38,700 goal to fully fund each project listed below.




$3,000                       Build and Restore 

Funds will be utilized to restore the Advenir Adventist School in Guatemala, including school kitchen renovation and supplies, road repair, orphanage and school building repair. and


$2,000                      Finish the Work                       

Funding will be used in the development of a discipleship model for small groups, including study guides and a mentoring program. Approaches for reaching unbelievers include “Taste and Tell” vegan events and “Short Talks” about the Bible.


$2,000                        Living Waters                                                      

Living Waters is building a latrine for their older girls and feeding center staff.  This will allow the girls to use the feminine hygiene kits provided by Pat Arrabito’s Calistoga Church sewing group, which will help girls stay in school rather than dropping out for lack of supplies.


$5,000                       LLT Productions, Inc.                  

The  “Youtube Project” is a series of 5-minute video programs designed to teach the truth about the state of the dead.  Each one addresses just one aspect:  hell, the soul, eternity, the spirit, resurrection, immortality, etc., with Dwight Nelson hosting the first two. The goal is to use social media to reach a broad audience with the truth about God’s character.


$5,000           Maranatha Volunteers International                         

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Zambia has asked Maranatha Volunteers International for assistance in providing churches for rural congregations. There are more than one million Adventists in the country, and not enough places of worship, about 3,000 groups meet under trees each Sabbath. Maranatha will help, as funding is available, to build 75 One-Day Churches in Zambia this year.


 $4,700           Native Ministries, Pacific Union Conference         

Pastor James Crosby, his wife Nancy, and the All-Nations SDA Church members have transformed an unsightly corner of Page, Arizona, into an award-winning mini park with trees, vegetable and flower gardens, and a picnic area. The church also created a picnic area and an educational vegetable garden and small orchard on its grounds. Assistance will help prepare the garden for a new planting season, and provide for the summer day camp program, where kids will learn to cook healthful meals from gardens they help tend and harvest.

Instagram: page_az_sda


$2,000           Race Course SDA Church Building Project                   

For more than 18 years the Race Course SDA Church in Jamaica, West Indies, has been building a multipurpose room to serve as a health screening clinic, a community service facility, a foot washing service room for men, and a church lunchroom. ASi member Beverly Thompson and the Market Street SDA Church in Oakland are helping with this construction project.

$5,000           Revelation of Hope                                   

Creating top quality Bible study lessons to accompany the Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar is the focus of this project. This 35-part series gives the gospel message of Christ in the context of the three angels’ messages. Systematically tracing Scripture, it answers every major question about the Bible. Each lesson will be biblically thorough, beautifully written, and Christ-centered.

 $2,000           SOULS West                                                    

The work of SOULS West in the Pacific Union includes the training of Bible workers, purchasing literature for distribution in communities, formation of evangelism teams, and utilizing social media for evangelism.


$8,000           Weimar Institute                      

Weimar College educates for service through its sacred music, lifestyle initiatives, mission trips, work and education programs. As a result, Weimar’s influence is felt around the world, resulting in many souls won for Christ. This offering will be used to support the school’s missionary endeavors.