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FULLY FUNDED — Thank you for your generous offering!

The 2022 overflow offering for ASi Pacific Union is helping to fund the construction of a building at Your Camp in a safe part of Ukraine to help provide for the needs of refugees. Since the war began, Your Camp (normally operating as a summer camp) has been serving displaced Adventist university students, refugees (many of them women and children), and 150 orphans who were transferred to the camp at the beginning of the war. The camp is operating at way over capacity. To accommodate this situation, a three story building is proposed. The first phase will provide for the shower, bath, and laundry needs for the entire camp. This phase is already fully funded at $150,000. A second phase of the building calls for a second and third story to provide indoor play areas for the children, a medical clinic and isolation rooms, and a chapel for worship meetings on the third floor. Your generous donation will help this building to be erected rapidly. The goal for phase two is an additional $150,000.

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